About Us


The Passion for Food Plots, Habitat Management and Whitetail Hunting began for Owner Nick Percy in 1990. For the past 26 years Nick has been Gathering Knowledge, through Personal Experience, sharing of Ideas with Wildlife Biologists, Foresters, through various State University Habitat Focused Programs, QDMA and other Wildlife Centric Organizations to Conceive and Implement Real Solutions for a Healthier Habitat and Whitetail Herd.

Nick operated an enclosed Hunting Preserve in Northern Michigan for many years implementing Solid Management Principles including; Timber Management, Creation of Bedding Areas, Soil Correction, and a Balanced Nutrition Plan. By Enhancing Natural Forge for Browse, Planting Key Native Plant Species, Seasonal Food Plots along with introducing a Natural Based, High Protein, Vitamin & Mineral Rich Feed Program his Vision of a Balanced Plan that Produced Results was Realized! The experience gained during this period was invaluable and led Nick to Establish Ground Up Property LLC offering habitat management services.

Fueled by his Passion to gain further knowledge of Whitetail Health and the types of Food and other Nutrients which benefit Whitetail the most, Nick worked closely with Biologists, Veterinarians and other Deer Herd Managers. Through this Research, he developed Soil Improvement products and Strategic Seed Blends that when used together, Produce Highly Palatable, Nutrient Rich Forage and Cover for the Whitetail He Loves.

Nick’s long-term relationships with landowners that were interested in employing his tried and true methods for habitat enhancement along with his Passion for a Balanced, Seasonal Nutritional Plan lead to the next chapter and the Killer Food Plots Brand was introduced. Nick continues to serve many of his initial customers to this day.

Killer Food Plots is a Solution Oriented, Innovative Company Focused on Supplying Earth Friendly, Waterway Safe Organic Soil Correction, Highly Palatable Forage Variety Seed Blends and Natural Based Supplemental Feed Products. These products are employed by the KFP Team when implementing a sound Habitat Management Program for our Clients. The Premier line of Killer Food Plots Products are also available to those DIY folks who only want to use the Most Advanced Soil Correction, Seed & Nutritional Feed products to Implement within their own Habitat Management Plan.

If you have a Passion for Whitetails and want to create Healthier Habitat on Your Property for Whitetail, Mule Deer, Elk, Moose, Turkey, Grouse and other Wild Game, Contact Killer Food Plots to Arrange a Consultation and Get Started Implementing Your Personalized Habitat Management Plan Today!

Our Mission

Our mission at Killer Food Plots is to educate people who have a passion for Whitetail deer, the outdoors, and improving habitat to achieve the goals for their property in order to reap what has been sowed. By implementing solid land management principles and focused efforts, we will assist you in creating Premier Whitetail habitat while improving the overall health of your wildlife and value of your property. We can transform any size property into a Premier Whitetail Habitat!

Killer Food Plots is located in West Michigan. We are the Mid-West's Premier Food Plot and Whitetail Deer Habitat Management Experts! Serving Michigan, Iowa, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and the Western Unted States.