GROGANIX - Fusion (8-4-4)

GROGANIX - Fusion (8-4-4)

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Groganix “Fusion”…When failure is NOT an Option!

A high content of organic matter that stays suspended in the soil! Groganix feeds the plant while building up poor quality soil, retaining moisture and nutrients!

Replenishing the Missing Pieces of Soil Fertility is the 1st Step in Growing Successful Killer Food Plots!

Groganix Fusion is a Highly-Enriched, Organic Based Fertilizer containing the Key Ingredients Required to Build-Up and Maintain Soil Composition. This Premier Combination of Micro-Nutrients, Carbon, Calcium, Minerals and Bacteria are FUSED into a Concentrated Pellet. Fusion Contains a N-P-K of 8-4-4 with an Additional 4% Calcium “Kicker” which supports cell development and efficiency of the Newly Germinated Plants.

Groganix Fusion Introduced at the time of planting ensures that Vital Nutrients Remain Suspended and Available to the plants roots from Germination through the Life-cycle of the Plant.

Organic Matter is one of the Key Ingredients in Groganix Fusion. It Supports Absorption of Moisture needed to Establish and Hydrate the Plant Root System over its Life.

Efficient Uptake of the Micro-Nutrients found in Fusion by the New Root is Important for a Successful Start! New Seedlings require these Trace Elements to gain a Foothold in the Seedbed establishing a Strong Root System that will ensure their survival and help them Flourish when it Counts the Most!

*A Broadcast Spreader is Required to Apply Groganix Fusion Fertilizers.

Weight 40 lbs
New Food Plot (recommended per acre) 300lbs
Existing Food Plot (recommended lbs per acre) 150lbs