Killer Food Plots has developed a couple very important Soil Building products to help increase the Food Plotter’s Success Rate when planting Spring/Summer and Fall Food Plots in ALL Soil Types (Sand, Loam, Heavy Wet Soil, and all types of Clay including Red Clay).

The First Critical Soil Amendment to overcome when planting in less than perfect soil conditions, is issue #1 – Soil Compaction.  Soil Compaction causes reduced Oxygen and Moisture availability for the newly developing plant root system.

Soil Nutrients are often unreachable by the shallow plant root system because of issue #1.  Without sufficient Oxygen, Moisture & Nutrients in the Soil, the plant will struggle to sustain life and build a solid root system.

Killer Food Plots developed our 100% Natural based RE-TAIN Moisture & Nutrient Absorbing Pellets Help to overcome the restriction of Oxygen, while securing Moisture & Nutrients.  The KFP RE-TAIN Pellets, when broadcast and rototilled or disked into the soil (3″-4″ min. depth), break up Soil Compaction as they absorb and secure H20 and other critical nutrients for the plant in the Root-Zone.

The Second Critical Soil Amendment to overcome when planting food plots is Replacement of Specific Soil Nutrients, critical for developing a healthy “Life Giving” root-system including Organic Matter, Healthy Bacteria, Fungi, and Minerals, while avoiding the introduction of “Life Ending” Salts.

Killer Food Plots developed GROGANIX “Fusion” Fertilizer and GROGANIX “Hydration” Fertilizer to help deliver to the Soil an Energizing “Drink” that Replenishes & Builds the crucial Soil Microbes, Organic Matter, Minerals, Micro-nutrients, along with a Natural Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potash, that is more readily available at the root system.

The Natural combination in our line up of GROGANIX Fertilizers significantly outperform our historical go-to (Synthetic 19-19-19) when applied at a similar rate of application, Delivering a Higher Quality and Quantity of Forage your Whitetails desperately need to reach their Full Genetic Potential.

What KFP Seed Blend should I try to Plant?

  • This decision is influenced by the factors mentioned above, but there are other considerations as well.
  • Available Sunlight, time of season you’ll be planting, purpose you would like the food plot forage to serve.
  • When starting a New food plot in less than perfect conditions including sand or clay soil types, I’d recommend starting out with CLIMATIZE, WHITE RAGE, DEEPWOODS and/or LETHAL WINTER OATS.  These 4 KFP seed blends are tolerant of less than perfect soil conditions and are a great choice for Spring/Summer or Fall food plots when starting to Build your soil using GROGANIX & RE-TAIN.