This year on Maximum Outdoors TV…the Team enters their 4th season of great outdoor TV all the while living their normal lives as: fathers, husbands, and avid outdoorsmen. Make sure you follow the MOTV Team as they juggle the every day life, while in pursuit of giant big game animals from Saskatchewan, to the home farms in Michigan, and their hot spot in Illinois.

MOTV will take you on a journey you wont want to miss as the team will go to great lengths to harvest big game animals.

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Chris Garza

Born and raised in Deckerville, MI and having known forever that I wanted to make my living and live in this rural community my whole life. Growing up, the outdoors was a huge part of my life and I can’t imagine what my life would be without it! I was taught most of my knowledge about the outdoors from my grandfather, father and uncle at an early age and use that valuable information not only while in the outdoors, but also in life everyday! Family is the most important thing in my life, and being able to pass on lessons learned over time back to my children is what drives my passion for life and the great outdoors! I’m blessed to be married to wife Andrea Garza; our greatest blessing in our lives has been our children! Maddy, Hunter, and our little toot Mya, have kept us busy, but are the most important part of our lives! My passion for the outdoors began a long time ago with the dream of being a farmer. I grew up in an agriculture driven area and somehow just knew it was what I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing. Through hard work and paying my dues I’ve been able to achieve my dream and currently operate my own 1600 acre cash crop farm which my wife and I built from 16 acres in which we purchased from my grandfather. The love of the outdoors grew each day I spent working the land and seeing how much conservation meant to ensure the passing of everything we worked so hard for to the next generation. My passion is growing things from the ground up and fully understand that setting a firm set of roots is the first step to ensuring success in everything I do.

Steve Noble

Steve Noble is a born and raised product of Michigan. Growing up stomping around in the timber of Michigan, and throwing lines in the Great Lakes has paved the way for this passionate outdoorsman. There are three things that Steve recalls about his young hunting career that seems to have “ignited” the fire. “On one evening when I was 10 years old my Dad put a recurve bow in my hand, one wooden arrow with a field tip, and he sat me on a stump on the edge of the timber he was hunting”, on this hunt a mature doe came out and crept within 5 yards of his makeshift ground blind. “The doe spotted me, I froze, I tried so hard not to move…but every time she stomped her foot I rose about 6 inches off of my seat in fear”, recalled Steve. There was no fear of any animal being shot on that hunt, but Steve sure felt like he was hunting, and that was pretty impressionable on him. That experience in addition to hundreds of other outdoor adventures has created a Monster. Steve is a passionate bow hunter that has harvested several animals that include whitetail deer, black bear, and turkey in the states of Michigan and Illinois, with multiple animals qualifying for the pope and young record books. Steve is also an avid fly fisherman in pursuit of big brown trout that inhabit the streams of Michigan. Steve is a graduate of Deckerville High School in Michigan, and received his bachelor’s degree from Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids and his master’s degree from the University of Michigan. He is currently the Principal of Eddyville Blakesburg Fremont Jr/Sr High School in Eddyville, Iowa. Steve is Married to his wonderful wife of 17 years Melissa Noble and reside in Southern Iowa with their two children, Caleb, and Isabella.

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Here at EP Adventures, it is our goal to conduct ourselves with enthusiasm, integrity, and respect for others at all times. We also commit to respecting the outdoors that we have grown and learned to love.

Our pro staff is a very unique blend. Each member has their own strengths and weaknesses, but we all share the same obsession and burning desire to experience and protect the great outdoors. We will fulfill our instinct to hunt and to share our adventures with others. Hopefully we will inspire you to chase your dreams as well.

We commit to helping others experience God's gift of nature by creating hunting opportunities that folks otherwise wouldn't have. Whether it be helping wounded veterans, the elderly, or children, we will seek them out and share with them in the beauty and excitement that has become part of who we are.

EP Adventures gives you a promise that we will grow, persevere and never give up at all costs to fulfill our calling. We appreciate the fellowship of all viewers and realize that God has given us an awesome opportunity to share our adventures.

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Dead or Alive Outdoors

"Dead or Alive Outdoors"...sounds pretty self explanatory doesn't it?.. It all started about 5 years ago in a cold poorly lit basement, two guys, a little Apple laptop, video taping with just cell phones. We wanted to be just like every other outdoor sports team. Well years later we blew up into something a little bigger and a little bit better of a camera, a support group we are truly bless to have, and an image. This image is for everybody who lives, breathes, and dreams the outdoors.. Hunting and Fishing, we strive to bring it to you all the best way we can via video or just a picture and we hope you share your adventures with us too! From Dead or Alive Outdoors we thank you! - Brandon, Justin and our Team

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Rival Wild


Husband. Father. Thrill Seeker. Hunter. I can’t unscramble a Rubik’s Cube...but man do I enjoy a good craft beer. I can’t tell you how to #BeAlive...but I can show you my version...I’m a die hard hockey fan who wets a fly line any chance I can get. I live off the adrenaline and the solitude I find in the most remote corners of the world. Essentially, those two things charge my batteries. For me, it’s not about the end game, it’s about the journey. I’ll do my duty to pass it on so that hopefully, you can experience the same in your very own way. Cheers.


Family man. Gym nut. Big brother. Hunter. When I’m not chasing big game in Alaska, I enjoy a sunny day round of golf back home in Michigan. I’ve never hit a hole in one, but I did shoot a golf ball out of the sky with a 10mm Glock. First shot. To #BeAlive is my life’s greatest pursuit. I can go from fingerless gloves and a skull cap to high and tight and lookin’ alright. Thanks to my wife. I take my responsibilities as a father very seriously. That’s why my shelter construction skills quickly translate to mastery in the art of fort building. I’ll spend the rest of my working life trying to help you find your own definition of #BeAlive. Here’s to you.

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