360 PRO Hunting Blind


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*Towers Available 8ft / 12ft
*Installation Available

The 360 Series hunting blind has something for everyone.

With solid wood frame construction and seamless acrylic roof, the 360 Series is built to provide hunters with many seasons of comfortable, weather proof hunting.

Get tired of sitting? Stand fully upright in the spacious 6 foot 6inch high interior.

Our twelve by eighteen inch tinted windows feature a window raising mechanism – a perfectly silent, one handed operation that is ideal for gun or archery hunting.

The 360 Hunting Blind ships in a kit form with fully complete individual wall panels to allow for quick and easy two-person assembly on-site. See our assembly instructions on our website.

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Standard Features:

  • Twelve 12”x18” tinted gun/crossbow windows
  • 12”x32” Archery window(s)
  • One 18”x12” window in door
  • Lockable door latch
  • 4″x12″ peep windows
  • Four, 4×4 pockets for stand posts
  • Padded shooting rails at each window

The Hunting Blind With A Vision

The amazing 360 degree view from inside the hunting blind is something one must experience for themselves to fully appreciate.

It is made more comfortable and quiet by the carpeted floor and walls which are included in our Pro Series model.

Our archery window (shown right) is an upgrade that will increase your vertical viewing space and make it easier to maneuver for the shot.


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