Killer Food Plots Border Control Back Packaging
Killer Food Plots Border Control Packaging
Killer Food Plots Border Control Back Packaging

Border Patrol

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Description/Seed Blend

Border Patrol is a mixture of KFP Foundation, KFP Structure, KFP Winter Peas and KFP Forage Soybeans. The KFP Foundation & Structure creates a 8-12 ft. tall Wall of Cover, Directs Whitetail Movement, Provides Security from predators, increasing Daytime Movement by Mature Whitetails. The KFP Winter Peas & KFP Soybeans are a Highly-Palatable Forage capable of producing 20%+ Protein.

This KFP Blend Loves the Heat… The Hotter the Better!

Note: Requires 60 degree ground temperature at night before planting.

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The blend of KFP Foundation & KFP Structure create a Sturdy, Dense, Tall, Soft Edge, Security Cover benefiting both the Hunter and Whitetail. Dense, Soft Edge creates as sense of Calm and Security promoting daytime movement by Mature Whitetails while the Height allows the hunter Undetected Access to and from hunting locations.

Weight 10 lbs
Coverage Plants a solid ½ Acre, or plants a 1 Acre 8-10 ft. wide border perimeter.
Seed Type Annual
Sunlight Needed Full Sun – Down to 6 Hours.
Soil Type Border Patrol grows in a Variety of Soil Types: Sandy, Rocky, Clay & Loamy and is a Soil Builder. Border Patrol is “Neutral” Thriving in almost Any degree of moisture with Exception to Standing Water.
Planting Season Late Spring and Summer
Seed Variety KFP Foundation, KFP Structure, KFP Winter Peas, KFP Forage Soybeans
Seed Size Large – See Planting Instructions Tab for more Step x Step planting details
Existing Food Plot (recommended lbs per acre) 3 lbs
Planting zone ZONE 1 2 3 4. See Planting Guide for details.

Killer Food Plots Hammer-Buck
I bought a small 10-acre property a few years ago with hopes of having a place to hunt deer with my family. I soon learned that having heavily hunted private land on one side of me and national forest on the other made for very little daytime deer movement. Fortunately, I met Nick Percy of Killer Food Plots early in my land management program. He introduced me to the concept of security screening and more specifically, BORDER PATROL! I turned 3 acres into food plots and had a few deer feeding regularly, mostly at night. The following spring, I planted BORDER PATROL in strips to break up my large open food plot. It formed a tall, dense screen of cover with excellent late season standability. My daylight pictures literally tripled and I saw the first pictures of mature bucks in daylight since buying the property. Since then BORDER PATROL has become the cornerstone of all my food plot strategies. I noticed that the deer seemed to follow the edge of the BORDER PATROL almost like a fence and I now plant it in a design that not only makes the deer feel safe but also conceals my movement to and from stand sites, but also one that funnels deer movement exactly where I want it. BORDER PATROL has changed my view of everything I thought I knew about food plots. It is the single best decision I have ever made in managing my land for deer hunting, period!

Mark Hammer “The Hammer Buck”

Planting Instructions

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 6 × 3.5 in

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  1. Chad Ruehl

    I used this to make a border around and through my food plot. It has come up great and did exactly what I wanted it to. I am already making plans how to use it next year.

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