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Protein Based Bodybuilding Feed.

Core Infuzion is a Natural Based, Bodybuilding Supplement, Infuzed Feed that supports Whitetail Deer Health by Building up Core Defenses and Supporting the Immune System to fight against disease and other reoccurring bacterial triggered illnesses. Core supports healthy blood flow, skeletal growth, muscle and tissue development.

May 15th – Nov. 15th: Spring/Summer 50/50 (1) 50lb CORE Infuzion + (1) 50lb Pinched Corn

Nov 15th-March 1st: (1) 50lb CORE Infuzion + (3) 50lb Pinched Corn + (2) 50lb Soybeans

March 1st – May 15th: (1) 50lb CORE Infuzion + (2) 50lb Pinched Corn + (1) 50lb Soybean

Core Infuzion is designed to deliver the Nutritional Foundation by which GIANT WHITETAILS are Grown! With a Core Protein of 33% as the foundation, this Bodybuilding Deer Feed Increases Immune Defenses and Doe Milk Production by 2-3 Pounds Per Day. Begin feeding Core Infuzion in the Spring to see results by Opening Day!

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3 reviews for CoreInfuzion

  1. Randall Stroop

    Living in the UP I blend this up all year with 100# of soybean, 150# of corn, 50# of core , noticeable difference in returning deer herd after three years of use. Even the first year of use the fawns grew at a faster rate than the surrounding population, effect compounds itself with continued use.

  2. Dan_K

    Core-Infuzion is like deer granola. So many good nutrients packed into little pellets deer can’t resist. I highly recommend Core-Infuzion to anyone who wants to provide a healthy treat to grow strong healthy deer in their area.

  3. Bob Sisler

    Core is the best and most impressive product I’ve used for a protein for my deer herd in Ohio I have been using this product for over 7 years now and it shows. I have a particular buck that I have been watching for 5 years now and I do have the sheds off him and he has grown over 25-30” per year. Thhis is also very beneficial for your does and her babies as well. Awesome product

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