GROGANIX® Hydration (N-P-K of 6-3-2 7Ca)

GROGANIX® Hydration (N-P-K of 6-3-2 7Ca)

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GROGANIX® Hydration is sold by the ton. Contact Killer Food Plots to arrange for ordering and delivery. Does not qualify for free shipping.

A highly enriched composted product containing natural properties that aid in quickly building up the soil composition while absorbing vital moisture and nutrients!

Replenishing the missing pieces of soil fertility is the first step in growing successful Killer Food Plots!

GROGANIX® Hydration is a highly-enriched organic-based fertilizer containing our premier blend of micro-nutrients, Carbon, Calcium, bacteria, minerals and organic matter along with an N-P-K of 6-3-2 with an additional 7% Calcium “Kicker” all of which support root growth and cell wall development in the newly germinated seedlings. This combination of highly enriched organic-based ingredients quickly builds up the soil composition.

Introducing GROGANIX® Hydration into the soil prior to planting ensures that vital nutrients and moisture are available from germination through the growing season.

Organic matter, one of the key ingredients in GROGANIX® Hydration, further supports the absorption of moisture needed to establish and hydrate the plant root system.

Efficient uptake of the micro-nutrients found in GROGANIX® Hydration by the newly developing root system is important for a successful start! New seedlings require these trace elements to gain a foothold in the seedbed establishing a strong root system that will aid in their survival and help them flourish when it counts the most!

NOTE: GROGANIX® Hydration can be custom blended, tilled, or disked into the existing seedbed to address specific deficiencies present in the soil.

*An ag-lime spreader is required to apply GROGANIX® Hydration Fertilizer.

Weight 1 ton
New Food Plot (recommended per acre) 2.5 – 4 tons