KFP Seed Products

The Killer Food Plots Brand of Products is Synonymous with Quality, Integrity, and Success!

Our Premium line of Seed Blends were created around these Principles. We select only the Highest Quality Seed Spceies from our network of Famers. For Generations, these families have committed their lives to maintaining High Standards while producing and supplying KFP with seed varieties that meet our Highest Standards for Palatability and Germination. Killer Food Plots seed blends play a Vital-Roll by supplying Key Protein, Vitamins, and other Nutrients as Part of a Healthy, Balanced Diet.

Our Growers understand the Goal of Killer Food Plots... Build the bodies of our Whitetail from the Inside-Out!

Border Patrol

The blend of KFP Foundation & KFP Structure create a Sturdy, Dense, Tall, Soft Edge, Security Cover benefiting both the Hunter and Whitetail. Dense, Soft Edge creates as sense of Calm and Security promoting daytime movement by Mature Whitetails while the Height allows the hunter Undetected Access to and from hunting locations.


Carnage Brassicas

Carnage Premier Brassicas is our KFP Blend of Highly-Palatable, High-Energy Carbohydrate rich forage that Whitetails Crave. Combined with our Protein-Rich Kale the Carnage Brassicas Provide the Building Blocks to aid in Recovery During & After the Rut well delivering the daily energy Whitetails Need to Survive & Thrive during Critical Times throughout the year.


The KFP Premier Chicory is a Highly-Palatable, High-Protein (up to 40%+), variety that is Preferred by Whitetails from Early Spring to Late Fall. KFP Chicory is Heat & Drought Tolerant.


Climatize is our KFP Premier Seed Blend for Extreme HEAT & COLD temperatures and performs well in poor quality soils, even when Soil pH is Not Ideal. Climatize provides your Whitetail Herd with a Protein-Rich, Highly-Palatable & Desirable Spring, Summer & Early Fall Forage. This Blend is Complimented by the High-Energy KFP Sugar Beets which are sure to keep them Coming Back All Season Long.

Cold Play

Cold Play is a Highly-Attractive Combination of Perennial & Annual Varieties which provide Dynamic Benefits to both Turkey and Whitetail Deer. The High-Protein, Highly-Palatable Seed Combination attracts many types of “Healthy Bugs” which are Turkey’s #1 Food Source! Cold Play is a Unique Blend of Essential Greens and Seeds Turkey’s Crave and Whitetails Devour!


Deepwoods is a Versatile Seed Blend created by Killer Food Plots to address the need for a High-Quality forage requiring Little-To-No ground preparation and Flexibility to Grow with Minimal sunlight and in poor quality soil. Deepwoods has risen to the top as one of KFP's Most Utilized and Successful Seed Blends! Whether battling low pH, very dry to wet soil, poor light conditions, limited access spots or lack of specific implements you can be successful!

Lethal Winter Oats

The KFP Lethal Winter Oats are Extremely COLD TOLERANT, High Energy Food Source that produces quickly in Poor Quality Soils and with Minimal Sunlight.

Resurrection Clover

Resurrection Clover is our Premier KFP Blend. From Early Spring Green-Up to Late in the Season, Whitetails Pursue food sources High in Protein. The young tender forage Resurrection Clover produces is ideal for Young deer still under development to Older Whitetails that struggle to metabolize the food they eat into their system and all those in between. Resurrection Clover is capable of producing 35 - 37% Protein that Whitetails Crave!