Property Consultation- From the ground-up, KFP will meet with you on your property and give you a full evaluation of your property and all potential it holds. (contact us page link)

Timber Consultation- Evaluation of the tree species, age, structure, health, maximize property value to influence your investment portfiolio and create a cash flow for years to come.  

Soil Testing- The first step in a successful food plot begins with knowing the current state of the soil and enhancing it to its full potential.

Soil Correction- Consists of replenshining the nutrients absent in the soil.

Food Plot Prepration- Collection of soil samples, spraying of unwanted vegetation, mowing, soil correction and disking/roto-tilling.

Food Plot Install-Grade seed-bed, seed install, harrow in seed, culti-pack seedbed.

Complete Food Plot Maintenance- Mowing, fertilize, soil correction, weed control, over seeding.

Property Maintenance- Brush control, trail maintenance, fruit tree pruning, tree trimming, tree/stump removal, tree planting, fence post install, gate installation, property posting "NO TRESPASSING", feeder installation and replenishment (CORE INFUSION, CORN, SOYBEAN).


Enhance Natural Habitat and Food Sources for Whitetails

White-tailed deer use habitats seasonally and for deer to thrive they must have access to habitat that meets all their year-round requirements. Habitat conditions are different state-to-state due to climate, land use, wildlife population and other factors. The impact of habitat management efforts will be greatest when these factors are addressed, understood and improved upon.



Killer Food Plots provides complete Timber Management Services for private property owners. Timber management can help you realize the potential of your property for...
  1. Wildlife management
  2. Age structure
  3. Liquid asset
  4. Select cut
  5. Clear cut
  6. Investment portfolio
  7. Timber Scaling


Killer Food Plots represent landowners through the entire Timber Sales and the harvest process. This includes:

  1. Marking of Timber
  2. Timber Scaling
  3. Harvest of Timber

Timber marking, marketing and harvest compliance are all services included in our timber sales. Timber bids are sent out to several timber buyers to secure the highest price is paid to the property owner.


  • Wildlife Management
  • Age Structure
  • Liquid Asset
  • Select Cut
  • Clear Cut


Value is determined by tree species, grad, size, site access and quality, time of year, market conditions and other factors. Evaluation can determine the quality and quantity of timber and can provide a good estimate of the value, growth and economic analysis to determine what your timber may be worth in the future.



Killer Food Plots offers Management Plans that can encompass a wide range of goals including: timber management, wildlife management, aesthetics and taxation purposes. Management plans include, but are not limited to current land/stand descriptions, management recommendations, maps and a variety of resources for the property owner.



  • Removal of Unwanted Vegetation
  • Till and Prepare Seedbeds/Groundcover
  • Soil Analysis, Testing & Correction
  • Delivery and Spread of Lime Applications
  • Installation of Supplemental Mineral Sites

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