ET - Bob Sisler

"The Story began in the summer of 2012 after obtaining permission to hunt a central Ohio farm. I wasted no time contacting my brother Roger and we set out to scout the property learning the lay of the land, looking for deer sign and potential ambush points. After the first season came to an end, my brother and I returned to the farm to look for shed antlers and deer sign. We found a set of mighty big antlers.

Bob Sisler and his big buck - ET

After looking back at trail camera photos, we determined their owner. My daughter, McKenzie started calling the buck “E.T.” because she thought his antlers looked like E.T.’s fingers. The name stuck.

E.T. was the biggest buck I’d ever had a chance to hunt, so I wanted to try and keep him on the farm. My brother and I decided to try a food plot. We’d never had a place where we could do that before, so some research was necessary. We Googled food plot seed companies and read blogs about different products and eventually contacted Nick Percy from Killer Food Plots. Nick helped me get on the right track after asking me a few questions about the location of our food plot. The first step was to collect some soil and send it to Nick for testing. I had very little in the way of equipment, but with time and determination, my brother and I were able to plant a (1) Acre Carnage Brassicas Killer Food Plot.

I collected lots of trail camera photos in the Carnage Brassicas food plot of E.T. in 2013 and 2014 mostly night time pictures, but never encountered him while hunting. As we approached the Carnage Brassicas food plot after the 2013 season ended to check trail camera photos we found E.T had dropped both antlers right there in the food plot. The sheds in 2013 scored in the mid 180’s and E.T. eclipsed 200” in 2014 E.T. Disappointedly neither Roger nor I ever found either of those sheds.

There was an Excitement in the air that season for my wife Patty as well. She had not hunted in six years and never from a blind. We had been getting lots of pictures of does and some real good bucks during the day in our New Resurrection Clover plot. I placed the New blind my wife bought me on the edge of the trail near the food plot and left it alone for a couple weeks.

Bob and Patty Sisler

On October 3rd I asked Patty if she wanted to go out with me for an evening bow hunt, she accepted and off we went. It wasn’t long before a few does and several bucks came into the plot including the Big 8pt we wanted Patty to shoot. The Big 8pt eventually worked his way over in front of us giving Patty a shot. Patty drew her bow back centered her pin behind his shoulder and released the arrow.

When Patty released the arrow it sounded like the bow had Exploded. I was video tapping so it took me a second to figure out what had happened. Although her peep was in the clear her arrow was actually below the window opening and had blown a big hole through the side of the blind. Patty was pretty frustrated, mostly because of the gaping hole in the brand New Blind she has just bought me. I reassured Patty telling her the deer had no idea what just happened, they’ll be back.

Within less than 20 minutes the deer began filtering back into the Resurrection Clover plot. The Big 8pt ended up back in the same spot directly out in front of us. Patty was determined to make the next arrow count situating herself so her arrow was clear. She drew her bow placing the pin on the deer however all she could see was brown. Uncertain of where her shot would land I told her to let down and we would come back tomorrow.

Suddenly Patty started slapping my leg saying; “Its him Bobby, its him” I didn’t look up at first. Patty said; “Bobby its E.T.!” As I looked out over my right shoulder I could see him moving up the trail off the backside of the plot. As E.T. entered the plot he stomped his hoof, notifying all the other deer of his presence, they gave wide birth to him as he moved in to take over the spot where the Big 8pt had eating.

I drew my bow back, not wanting to take the quartering 25yd shot at first, but I did. Watching my arrow hit exactly where I had aimed was followed by that rush of adrenalin. Instantly Patty and I stuck our heads out the window watching the buck run over the edge of the hill. My nerves were jangled at that point and then I heard a crashing sound below the hill.

It had started to rain so we knew we had to hurry. Fittingly, my brother Roger found first blood, followed by me finding the arrow with lighted knock still glowing. We shinned a little further down to the bottom of the ravine and there was E.T.. The Whitetail that had eluded me for the past 4 years never showing himself while I was in my hunting spots chose that day, of all days to present me the shot."

~Bob Sisler