Why Aqua Shield?

The new organic KFP Aqua Shield is designed to address the root cause of the EHD epidemic by getting the muck out! The decaying debris that makes up the muck in the bottom of a pond or watering hole provides the perfect hiding place for midge fly larva, mosquito larva, fly larva, no-see-ums larva and anaerobic bacteria. The anaerobic bacteria are oxygen suckers that consume the valuable dissolved oxygen present in the pond, robbing it from fish and other aquatic species that rely on it to sustain life. The muck also cause algae bloom during the hot months of the year, further reducing the dissolved oxygen level in the pond. KFP Aqua Shield is designed to address these issues by energizing and putting the healthy aerobic bacteria to task locating and consuming the anaerobic bacteria as they dive into and break up the muck. Aerobic bacteria, along with our proprietary enzymes, break down other types of unhealthy bacteria, heavy metals and toxins in the water that cause digestive issues in the gut of whitetails. Put KFP Aqua Shield to task in your pond or watering hole today to help shield your whitetails from EHD-carrying midge larva while clarifying and improving the overall health of the pond.

Initial Application Rate: 1.5-2.0 Gallons per surface acre 1 foot deep.

Subsequent Application Rate:  30-45 days - 1 Gallon per surface acre 1 foot deep.