What KFP Seed blend should i try to plant?

  • When starting a New food plot in less than perfect conditions including sand or clay soil types, I’d recommend starting out with CLIMATIZE, WHITE RAGE, DEEPWOODS and/or LETHAL WINTER OATS.  These 4 KFP seed blends are tolerant of less than perfect soil conditions and are a great choice for Spring/Summer or Fall food plots when starting to Build your soil using GROGANIX & RE-TAIN.

When should Border Patrol be planted?

  • Border Patrol should be planted no later than July 15.  It takes Border Patrol approximately 70-80 days to reach its Full Height.  It’s important to have a minimum Soil Temperature of 60 Degrees at Night and No Chance of Frost before planting Border Patrol.  The warmer the soil and air temperatures, the Faster Border Patrol germinates and grows.