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The Coffman Buck

"I have been using food plots to manage my farms for a few years now. Over those years, there has been a learning curve and failure of a good crop has happened on more than one occasion. Last year, I was introduced to Killer Food Plots and I feel that my success has progressed greatly. Nick and the guys at Killer Food Plots, not only provided me with a great product but the knowledge to make it grow like no other food plot I have planted before.
As I have been in contact with Nick several times, I will testify that Killer Food Plots customer service is as great as their products and let me say this, buying a good product is only half the battle. Having the knowledge on how to make it flourish is just as important! Nick was more than happy to assist me in all aspects of his product from how to make the best use of my property lay outs accordingly with Killer Food Plots, soil analysis, fertilizer applications and much more. I have already noticed a huge activity change on my properties and more daylight activity as well! I couldn’t be more excited to get started on next seasons Killer Food Plots."
Daniel S. Coffman

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