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Killer Food Plots Crop Duster® is our newest KFP seed blend inspired by KFP customers just like you! Often leased farmlands and even our own properties contain limited areas for planting spring/summer & fall food plots, often dominated by annual agricultural crops. Crop Duster® was created to take advantage of the vast farm fields by providing a special blend of KFP species seeds which can be simply broadcast over standing crops like soybeans and corn or existing summer food plots, vegetation or grass and weeds previously sprayed with grass & weed killer. This allows the hunter to expand his arsenal in the fall and draw those big bucks in close. Crop Duster® contains several easy to grow, highly palatable, carbohydrate-rich species including special grains that promote healthy digestion, are highly desirable and compliment the tonnage producing KFP Radishes and protein-rich KFP Crimson Clover.

Not enough groceries for the deer? Limited area to plant on your leased ground or near ag crop fields? Minimal or no equipment to work up the soil? Poor quality soil? Limited access to planting areas? Limited time? If so, have no fear, Crop Duster® is here!


Weight 12 lbs
Coverage Plants a ¼ acre
Seed Type Annual
Sunlight Needed Full sun, down to 2.5 Hours
Soil Type Variety of soil types: sandy, rocky, clay and loamy (can grow in tough conditions: low PH, very dry & wet soils, Low sunlight, and without ground preparation
Planting Season Early spring or late summer/fall (this product can be frost seeded)
Seed Variety KFP Fall Triticale, KFP Lethal Winter Oats, KFP Cereal Rye, KFP Crimson Clover, KFP Radishes
Seed Size Large – see planting instructions tab for more step by step planting details
Existing Food Plot (recommended lbs per acre) Broadcast over an existing spring food plot or standing crops (48 Lbs) – Planted as a stand-alone crop (60 Lbs)
Planting zone ZONE 1 2 3 4 (all zones are acceptable for planting Crop Duster®)
Planting Dates See KFP planting guide for specific planting dates.