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Killer Food Plots Smoke Screen® 

"Mask the Movement" and create the security of a thick thicket for your whitetails. KFP Sunn Hemp produces a 6-10 foot screen, which is perfect for when you need to control the movement of your whitetail herd or mask your movement to and from your tree stand or blind.


  • Natural soil builder
  • Produces free nitrogen
  • Food source in spring, summer, fall
  • Fast-growing screening/food blend matures in approximately 8-10 weeks
  • Drought tolerant
  • Creates secure bedding & fawning areas
Weight 13 lbs
Coverage 1/2 acre
Seed Type Annual
Sunlight Needed 8 hours of sun minimum
Soil Type All soil types
Planting Season See planting zones
Seed Variety KFP Sunn Hemp, KFP Structure
Seed Size Large – see planting instructions tab for more step by step planting details
Planting zone See planting zones